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If you're not satisfied with the way that your car's wheels look, then you only have 2 options. Either buy new wheels or bring your car to Rimworks.


Trust our specialists in factory aluminum wheel repair to deliver like-new results for wheels that have seen better years.

Your wheel repair experts

Appearance and safety concerns

Over time, your wheels can suffer structural wear as well as superficial damage. Our experts have the tools and the expertise to restore bent and damaged wheels. Before you spend hundreds of dollars replacing your wheels, find out if we can restore them. Call today.

Make an appointment today:  937-432-9400

Complete wheel repair

  • Light Bend Repairs

  • Scuffing, Chipping, Peeling, Bubbling Paint Repairs

  • Wheel Refinishing

  • Wheel Repainting

  • Wheel Color Change

  • Wheel Re-machining & Resurfacing

  • Wheel Straightening